Sharing the results of a hobby

Most people have a hobby. If not, your household and family will take care of your time anyway. In my
case also a list of unread books and my grandchildren require attention. Furthermore I like
to develop software, just for fun. During the past decades I created lots of stuff of various kind in Delphi
(meanwhile version 2007) and I consider the following 2 applications worthwhile to share with other people.

The Mandelbrot Set Creator
The Mandelbrot Set gives entrance to millions of amazing and beautiful colored images
which can be magnified time after time. But what if you finally created a beautiful shape
deep down the Set and you don't like the color settings? Start all over again? No need with
my Mandelbrot application. Each image can be repainted and surrounding rings can be
reshaped. The results can be saved and edited again and again until you are satisfied.

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Rummikub against your computer
What if you like to play some rounds of Rummikub and nobody is available to join you?
No need to call remote friends. In my application your computer will act as your opponent.

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Jeppe Teensma      January 2016